Contribution to Child Development

Olive and olive oil are extremely beneficial foods for newborns and children in the developing age because they contain linoleic acid. (omega -6 fatty acid) Linoleic acid deficiency causes slower development and even some dermatological diseases. Olive oil contains the antioxidant elements and fatty acids which are very impostant for the human body; they prevent the damage of hazardous substances on human health. They also support hormones and formation of cell membrane.

Olive oil has a balanced, polyunsaturated compound, similar to the fatty acid ratio in human milk. Olive oil is an adequate source for these essential fatty acids which cannot be obtained by the human body but has an indispensable importance. These factors, make olive oil very useful for newborn babies. Because of its contribution to the natural development of the baby’s brain and nervous system, before and after birth, the only fat recommended to mothers by experts is olive oil. Oive oil contains linoleic acid nearly as much as mothers’ milk and If you add skimmed milk to olive oil, it will gain natural nutrition too.