Role in Cancer Prevention

A study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine has shown that women who consume olive oil at high level, are less likely to develop breast cancer.

Another study made by researchers at the University of Buffalo in New York proved that ß-sitosterol, a substance found in vegetable oils such as olive oil, can help prevent the formation of prostate cancer cells. Researchers have come to the conclusion that ß-sitosterol strengthens the intracellular communication system, which orders the cells not to divide, so that cancer can be prevented without cell growth becoming uncontrolled.

In a recent study conducted by doctors at Oxford University, it was determined that olive oil has protective features against intestinal cancer. Doctors have discovered that olive oilt gets in a reaction with the gastric acid to prevent the onset of intestinal cancer. Oxford researchers have also discovered that olive oil protects the body, against abnormal cell growth and cancer, by reducing the amount of bile acid and raising the level of DAO (enzyme called diamine oxidase).  According to researchers’ reports, people who consume plenty of olive oil and vegetable, are at a reduced risk of having rheumatoid arthritis (arterial infection), a chronic join disease.